ColorTheory 1.6

The intelligent color wheel


  • Many formulas pre-loaded


  • Basic interface not always clear

Not bad

Mixing and matching colours is safer with ColorTheory. This application will tell you in real time, which colour matches the one you choose from a gradient scale. You can see different types of match by selecting various types of formula. There are lots of combinations or better, relations between colours available, from the classic ‘Primaries’, ‘Complementary’, ‘Tertiaries’ to more complex relations like ‘Six Tone Chord CCW’ or ‘Pastels’ or ‘Clash’.

When you have chosen one, move the corners of the triangle or rectangal you find over the gradient scale of colours. This allows you, while moving the angle, to see all the possible shades with the relation of colours you have chosen before. This software works with the RYB (red, yellow and blue) model of colours which is the one used in most professional art. The RGB model is the one computers and photo-editor use, so that’s why it can be useful to have this program to see the colour combinations in the standard chromatic convention.

Whether you are a fabric designer, an artist or a web designer, see the matching colours that follow standard relations in a click with ColorTheory.

Color Theory Standard is an inexpensive tool for artists who want a simple but powerful color design aid.

Theory Standard offers a very sophisticated color matching system. comes as a stand-alone application.



ColorTheory 1.6

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